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16 May

Health campaign targets lung diseasews the X-ray che

The National Health Commission will take steps to prevent new cas es of a lung disease often associated with dusty occupations, a senior official said on Monday. The campaign is “the most important and compelling work” the commission will conduct with several other ministries to curb the development of pneumoconiosis, the commission’s vice-minister, Li Bin,
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2 May

He urged travel agencies and related units in the pro

ince to introduce more special tourist routes with local features and offer even better services to foreign visitors. He sugg ested more foreign tourists tour and enjoy the rich Lingnan (South China) culture, cuisines and scenic spots. Guangdong earned 1.36 trillion yuan ($203 billion) from tourism in 2018, a year-on-year increa se of 13.5 percent.
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4 Apr

The training will focus on laws and regulations rela

 to pesticide management, prevention and control of crop pests and diseases, safe usage of p esticides, safety protection for supportive chemicals, and recycling of pesticide packaging waste. China has been working to achieve greener development of the agricultural sector in recent years. Last year saw decre ase in pesticide use nationwide and the ministry said
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2 Apr

With the coming of 5G commercialization, Miao disclosed

 that the ministry has reached a major consensus with the Ministry of Transport to make traditional roads and related infrastructure "digitalized" and "intelligent".

Traffic lights, for instance, will benefit from 5G, with its large bandwidth and low l

atency, enabling them to send signals according to real-time road conditions, he said.

Currently in China, major equipment makers including Huawei Technologies Co Ltd are developing related standards, technologies and infrastructure.

"The 5G-related plans made by telecom experts might not meet the actual needs in real applications," sai

d Yang Chaobin, president of 5G product line at Huawei. "Therefore, it's important to involve all types of industries in 5G construction."

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