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18 May

hina formally arrests two Canadians over security concerns

China has formally arrested two Canadians who have been detained in December last year on suspicion of endangering national security, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang said Thursday. Michael Kovrig, a former Canadian diplomat, has been arrested by Chinese authorities in accordance with the law on susp icion of prying into state secrets and intelligence for overseas
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10 May

Some community management companies have been arra

nging separate parking areas where electric bicycles can be charged at night, and this is a good idea that should be more widely adopted. ndustry insiders join outlandishly-dressed fans in attending this year’s colorful China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, Xu Fan reports. It was a rainy morning, but I felt as if I had
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28 Apr

Vision China events have been previously held in B

eijing, Hangzhou, Johannesburg and London. The events have been broadcast live on inter net and multimedia platforms, reaching an international audience, particularly young people. This upcoming event will also be broadcast live on the China Daily website and ap p, as well as China Daily’s account on Sina Weibo, Tencent Video, Toutiao, Bilibili, Facebook and
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27 Apr

Information from the Manned Space Agency shows

Information from the Manned Space Agency shows the core mod ule, Tianhe, with three parts-a life-support and control section, a resource s section and a connecting section. It will be equipped with three docking hatches reserved for visiti ng manned or unmanned cargo spacecraft, and two berthing locations used to connect with space laboratories. There
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12 Apr

The campaign launched last year targeting the illegal

dumping of solid waste, especially hazardous waste, along the Yangtze River, will be continued, he said. Wang, of the NPC committee, also called for more government support to encourage in vestment from both State-owned and private companies into the hazardous waste treatment sector. Facilities for hazardous waste disposal should be mandatory at all ind ustrial
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11 Apr

People are now becoming more alert to fire hazards sin

ce the government has stepped up its efforts to improve public awareness of fire safety through brochures, advertisements and pu blic service announcements,” said Liu Xingye, secretary-general of the China Association for Disaster Prevention. Still, quite a few fires broke out during the Tomb Sweeping Day holiday late last week due to people’s carelessness, Liu
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