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21 May

To make up for the increasing savings gap, the US need

eds to introduce and use more foreign capital, which will further enlarge the trade deficit. Therefore, the US cannot simultaneously maintain a high growth r ate, invest massively in infrastructure, reduce the trade deficit and restrict the inflow of foreign capital. What is really questionable is that, despite its contempt for over-regu lation of the
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20 May

The US’ monetary hegemony is itself a big impedim

ment to the reindustrialization process, which could be viewed as a sort of financial Dutch disease-the apparent causal relationsh ip between the increase in the economic development of a specific sector and a decline in other sectors. The more heated the US stock market gets, the more serious the Dutch disease will become. And, ironically,
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10 May

Pam Marsden, head of production for Sony Pictures Anim

mation, also considers characterization as a crucial element to developing successful animated works. The studio’s 2018 smash hit Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse won a string of awards, including the 91st Os cars’ best animated feature, thanks to its unique look that combines computer animation and traditional hand-drawn techniques. Speaking of developing a formula for making
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1 May

t photographer gives stray animals makeov

Zhang Tianhang, a pet photographer based in Beijing, has taken photos of over 10,000 stray animals over the past eight ye ars. Working with animal shelters, he is determined to raise people’s awareness of these abandoned pets and find them a new home. “You won’t believe these are photos of the same dog,” Zhang said,
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26 Apr

Chinese-Bridge Proficiency Competition takes place in Namibia

The Confucius Institute at the University of Namibia (UNAM) Tuesday held the 18th Chin ese-Bridge Proficiency Competition for college students in the capital Windhoek. The annual Chinese language and culture proficiency competition this year saw 10 students take part in the Namibia leg. The competition was split into three categories, namely free speeches, question and
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25 Apr

In a large-scale randomized clinical study over a period

 of eight years, Ma found Chinese patients with advanced nasopharyngeal cancer suffered more side effects than benefits from the additional chemotherapy, which cost about 13,400 yuan ($2,000) per patient. The findings, published in the journal Lancet Oncology in 2012, drew the attention of Western experts, and the United States and Europe revised their treatment guidelines.
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22 Apr

If visas become a bar code or QR code emailed to

applicants, their workload will be greatly lessened,” he said during the Shanghai World Travel Fair on Thursday. Japan Tourism Agency data showed that 8.38 million tourists from the Chinese mainland traveled to Japan in 2018, repre senting year-on-year growth of 13.9 percent and contributing nearly 27 percent of international tourists. China has been the world’s
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5 Apr

High school graduates in China normally need to tak

o take the national college entrance examination, or gaokao, to be ad mitted to a university. Independent enrollment was added as an alternative admission met hod in 2003 to allow some key universities to enroll students based on subjective criteria. Currently, 90 universities have allocated 5 percent of their enrollment slots to indepen dent students
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