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19 Jun

What’s wrong with dr上海龙凤女神会所s in Nanningof

After the traffic pol上海龙凤女神会所ice detachment of Nanning Public Security Bureau exposed the list of drunk drivers of motor vehicl es, on January 6, the traffic police department again announced the list of drunk drivers of non-motor vehicles in 2018. During the whole year of 2018, 389 cases of drunk driving of non-motorized vehicles were investigated
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9 May

Lan Fei, marketing center director for Guangzhou Wei

meizi Industrial Co in Guangdong province, said people in lower-tier cities have huge consumption power. In 2016, the company’s oral care brand Saky reached customers in lower-tier cities for the first time. Mor eover, the quality of oral care products in this market varies, so there is huge potential. In addition to traditional sales channels
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4 May

In the past couple of years, Dong Biyong, a mille

lennial enjoyed buying many Palace Museum souvenirs, gifts and other creative produ cts. “I tried quite a few from makeup kits, lipstick, blush, to various creative gadgets. They are good so uvenirs in combining the Palace Museum culture and history with their functions,” Dong said. According to He Jianmin, a professor specializing in cultural tourism
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10 Apr

Autonomous driving needs to adapt to different roa

ad conditions. Test results under different road conditions are supposed to reflec t the adaptability and technical mobility of the autonomous driving technology. Expected to be one of the most important autonomous vehicle mark ets by accounting group KPMG early this year, China has conducted road tests in a raft of its m unicipalities and
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31 Mar

Huawei’s rotating head addresses UK security concerns

Huawei’s rotating Chairman Guo Ping addressed UK’s securit y concerns after the Chinese telecommunications company was criticized in a report on Thursday. Huawei’s performance in the past 30 years has proven it has the best security record in the industry, Guo said at a press conference in Beijing on Friday. The results from authorized professional
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