15 Jan

Wang Yuan’s Tenor Laughter Ground in Music Activities

With the Spring Festival approaching, the major music festivals are dazzling. On January 13, “The Night of the Promulgation of Chao Yin in 2019″ was held as scheduled. In this music festival, the big stars shined brilliantly, bringing enthusiasm to th e fans. Among them, Wang Yuan, the youngest one, was constantly surprising, and the
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14 Jan

Gas leak in downtown Paris triggered explosion

CCTV News: A gas leak in downtown Paris triggered an explosion, injuring at least 36 people and killing four, including two firefighters. (CCTV reporter Ma Jinjin) Earlier reports: Police in Paris reported that 20 people were injured in the accident, 2 of whom were in critical co ndition and 7 were seriously injured. At present,
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12 Jan

What happened to the kidnapping of a rich wife?

The wife of a billionaire Norwegian businessman disappeared from her home near Oslo on October 31 last year. Local police recently confirmed that the woman had been kidnapped and said the incident “posed a very serious threat”. The kidnappers also offered a ransom of 9 million euros and demanded payment in encrypted currency equivalent. The
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